Results Silver Show

Silver Show Sunday 22nd September

Silver Show Results

Lead Rein
1st        Fay Murphy            Cahir Hill
2nd       Flynn Morgan          My First Converse
3rd        Olivia Fegan            Tigger Two
4th        Cassie McTaggart    Ranger Rudy

Style & Appearance
1st        Vicky Campbell         Dennis the Menace
2nd       Ashleigh Woolsey      Milly
3rd        Nicole Fegan             Tigger Two
4th        Keeva Fearon            Spud
5th        Sophie Prince            Sweet William
6th        Eileen McDaid            Bluetit

Working Hunter
1st        Vicky Campbell         Dennis the Menace
2nd       Nicole Fegan             Tigger Two
3rd        Caitie Slater              Colour Code Chinook
4th        Katie O’Hare              Blaneys Boy
5th        Jane Rea                   Cahir Hill
6th        Katie Rose McKenna  Meg

70cm Showjumping
1st        Rachel McKee        Buster
2nd       Jane Rea                Cahir Hill
3rd        Katie O’Hare           Blaneys Boy
4th        Eileen McDaid        Bluetit
5th        Hamilton Brown      Sugar
6th        Vicky Campbell      Dennis the Menace

85cm Showjumping
1st        Rachel McKee        Buster
2nd       Chloe Crozier          Lady
3rd        Katie O’Hare           Blaneys Boy
4th        Billy McDowell        Sheamus
5th        Melissa McKee       Prince of Hearts

1m Showjumping
1st        Kris Fegan            Shadow
2nd       Melissa McKee      Prince of Hearts

Style & Appearance
1st        Carly Morgan           My First Converse
2nd       Clare Murtagh          Lola
3rd        Caroline Buchanan  Silver Line Flame
4th        Shauna Harper        Ed
5th        Eileen Garvey          Lady Celtic Cruise
6th        Julie McGinn           Alfie

Working Hunter
1st        Caitlyn Stewart        Oscar
2nd       Shauna Harper         Ed
3rd        Will Glendinning       Out of the Blue
4th        John Downey           Smithy
5th        Clare Murtagh          Lola

85cm Showjumping
1st        Kerry McKenzie       Alfie
2nd       Euan McCracken     Cyranos Storm
3rd        Emma Byrne           Bartley

1m Showjumping
1st        Jessica Crozier       Rocky
2nd       Caitlyn Stewart       Oscar
3rd        John Rafferty          Easter King
=4th      Nadine Fegan         Dawn
=4th      Euan McCracken    Cyranos Storm

Top Score
Melissa McKee        Prince of Hearts

Photographs           Horsefoto

Sponsors               Mackin Animal Feeds

Judges                   Moira Flynn (Omagh) – was very impressed with standard of riders and how mannerly and disciplined they were.
Clare Toal – very loyal to the club. Huge commitment over the years.

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