Results Showlympics

Results of the Show-lympics Sunday 12th August

1st: Caitie Slater – Little Miss Rock Chick – Japan
2nd: Maeve McCall – Altaturk Attitude – Spain
3rd: Linda McKeown – Holly – USA
Winning 70cm team: Spain – Maeve McCall (Altaturk Attitude), John Downey
(Smithy) and Jessica Crozier (Izzy)

1st: Maeve McCall – Altaturk Attitude -Italy
2nd: Gary McKay – Hillhead Lad – Sweden
3rd: Erinn McCullagh – Mourne Mist – Canada Winning 85cm team: Canada –
Erinn McCullagh (Mourne Mist) and Caitie Slater (Little Miss Rock Chick)

1st: Chloe Crozier – Lady – Spain
2nd: Jessica Crozier – Rocky – France
3rd: Joe Haffey – John L – Japan

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