Results Opening Show Easter Monday

Great start to this season with large numbers at Moygannon for Clubs opening show. The sunny day added to the fun and jumping.

55cms clear rounds 1st
Emma Gillespie on Grey Sapphire
Rihanna Martin on Rocky

Ammy Parr on Prince

Clear Round 55cms with Pat McKay

Clear Round 55cms with Pat McKay

70 cms clear rounds 1st
Nicole Fegan on Tigger 2
Charley Hannah on Hazy
Molly Magee on Minstrel
Sine ad Young on Jacobi
Sheana Young on Cochise
Cabhina Collins on Sasha
Amy Parr on Prince

Clear Rounds 70 cms

Clear Rounds 70 cms

80cms clear rounds 1st
Charley Hannah on Hazy
Chloe Henning on Ginger
Jane Jane Rea on Rocco
Nicole Fegan on Tigger 2

90 cms clear rounds 1st
Sabina Woods on Spring
Joe Haffey on Hillhead Lad
Chloe Crozier on Lady

1 M Chloe Crozier on Lady

Chloe Crozier winner 1 M

Well done to all and congratulations to all who took part.

The next Club event is Sunday 4th May Show Jumping at Moygannon starting at 10.30 am see you there!!

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  1. Hi just wodering would it be ok for my daughter to attend the Sunday show and do a round or two and also how much I it

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