Newry Show Results

The results of the Show Cross at Newry Show

70 cms 1st Marina Hofe on Dodger, 2nd Rachel McKee on Buster, 3rd Emma McGlade on Scarto

80 cms 1st Katy Rose Mckenna on Meg, 2nd Melissa McKee on Prince of Hearts, 3rd Denise Kelly on Sweet Cully Rose Runner, 4th Holly Gorman on Blue dreams 5th Shannon Kelly on Spike

90 cms 1st Albert Lowry on Oh Dear, 2nd Lousie Doyle on Ballavalley Bay, 3rd Joe Haffey on Hillhead Lad

1m 1st Louise Doyle on Ballavalley Bay, 2nd Joe Haffey on John L 3rd Matin Bolton on Silverlime Flame

Winners Metre Class Newry Show

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