End of Year Show

End of Year Show members only with Cash back Jumping open to all Sunday 21st September 10.00am


Members only

Mini Foxpool Pony 80cms and Foxpool Horses  90cms 2 phases jumping phase I Rustic jumps Phase II show jumps timed.

Working Hunter Horse and Pony

Cunnigham Cup Show Jumping Horses

Open to all

Plus Jumping cash for clear round get your entry fee back if you go clear This is open to members and non members

60 cms

75 cms

90 cms


Cost £10 members £12 non members per event.

Running Order

LH Ring                                           RH Ring

Working Hunter Horse                  60 cms cash jumping

Working Hunter Pony                   75 cms and up

When cash jumping complete Foxpool and mini Foxpool both rings.

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