Results Jumping Newry Show

X poles all competitors received a special rosette

1st- Juliana Nelson – Casper
2nd- Kerry Rooney – Red Classic
3rd – Mollie OConnor – Glider
4th – Medb Kinney – Golden Grove Fantasy
5th – Emma Caulfield – Viola.

1st – Ava Haughey – Billie Jean
2nd – Emma Caulfield – Viola
3rd – Codey Martin – Connie
4th – Euan McCormick – Mel
5th – Sophie Hamilton – Bluebell

1st – Charly Hanna – Trigger
2nd – Amber Bradley – Flynn
3rd – Mollie McGinn – Giggles
4th – Codey Martin – Connie
5th – Tasha OHare – McKenna
6th – Aimee Murphy – Elsa

1st – Rachel McKee – Dollie
2nd – Jessica Johnston – Marchese Gemstone
3rd – Nina Lewis – Lady Valentine
4th – Sharon Cowan – Calin King
5th – Aimee Murphy – Elsa
6th – Joe Haffey – Hillhead Lad

1 Metre
1st – Melissa McKee – Beach Babe
2nd – Rachel McKee – Dollie
3rd – Jessica Johnston – Marchese Gemstone
4th – Robert McKee – Maverick

Newry Show

10.00 am Start Newry Show at Newry Rugby Club Mayobridge Road Newry


Ponies and Horse eligible for all Classes

Entries on the field No refunds

Prize Money 1st place £10,   2nd place £8,    3rd place £5    –   for all classes (inc xpoles)

Trophies sponsored by Warrenpoint & District Riding Club

Entrants rider and one groom per horse /pony have entry to show any other adults in vehicle have to pay entry fee to show grounds

Entry for x poles £5 all other classes £8 members £10 non members

Class            192            x poles


Class   193     50-60 cms


Class            193            75-80 cms


Class            194            85-90 cms


Class            195            1 Metre

  • Body protectors are recommended
  • All riders must wear protective headgear manufactured to minimum specs For example PA S015/BSEN1384/SNELL E2001
  • It is the responsibility of competitors to ensure tack and equipment is safe and suitable.

Results Silver and End of Year Show

Warrenpoint and District Riding club Silver and End of year Show Results

Photographs of Silver and end of year Show

Sunday 4th September saw a great days competition at Moygannon. The results are


Style and Appearance Lead Rein

1st Shane Colgan on Rocky

2nd Sophie MvKee on Coco


Style and Appearance Pony

1st Leah Stamfield on Silver


Style and Appearance Horse


1st Lauren Gormley on Barney

2nd Nicole Fegan on Ed

3rd Ellie Dolan on Indy

4th Linda McKeown on Carrowmanagh Lad

5th Patricia Devlin on Daisy

6th Bernie Devlin on Gena

Thanks to Cairillin Carrol for judging the Style and Appearnce


Working hunter Cross Poles


Special Rosettes to

Leah Stamfield on Silver

Alex McKee on Coco

Hayley McKee on JJ

Euan McCormick on Mel

Hayden McCormick on Melody


Working hunter Pony


1st Nadine Gormely on Archie

2nd Linda McKeown on Carrowmanagh Lad

3rd Kris Fegan on Dawn

4th Tara Daly on Mnistrel


Working Hunter Horse


1st Eimear Kernan on Skewberry

2nd Megan Bradshaw on Oscar

3rd Sophie Killen on Quinto Fabio

4th Lauren Gormley

5th Stephanie Scroggie on Tynan Wonder


The Working Hunter Classes were sponsored by Mackin’s Feeds and judged by Julie Doanghy Simpson our thanks to Linda Mackin and Julie.

60 cm Show Jumping


1st Rosie Cameron on Indy

2nd Patricia Devlin on Devlin’s Dream

3rd Faye Murphy on Max


75 cm Show Jumping


1st Sarah O’Shea on Oreo

2nd Sinead Young on Jacobi

3rd Cara McDonald on Carlo

4th Rosie Cameron on Indy

5th Mar Pidemunt on Jack

6th April McRea on Pearlis


90 cm Show Jumping


1st Sinead Young on Jacobi

2nd Stefan McNulty of Navinia

3rd Chloe Kinley on Tommy

4th Sarah O;Shea on Oreo

5th Stefan McNulty on Saracen’s Diamond

6th Stefan McNulty on Fabrinia


1M Show Jumping


1st Joe Haffey on John L

2nd Robert McKee on Jasper

3rd Melissa McKee on Dolly

4th John Rafferty on Louis

5th Maillaidh Magee on A Tad More Heart



End of Year Show

Mini Foxpool


1st Rachel McKee on Sweep

2nd Kris Fegan on Dawn




1st Melissa McKee on Dolly

2nd Mai;;aidh Magee on a Tad More Heart

3rd Robert McKee on Maverisck


Cunningham Cup


Melissa McKee on Dolly

Working Hunter Pony


1st Linda McKeown on Carrowmanagh Lad

2nd Kris Fegan on Dawn


Working Hunter Horse

Eimear Kernan on Skewberry


The next event will be cross country at Tamnaharrie Sunday 2nd October 10.30 am start Go as you please followed by novice and open competitions horse and pony full details will be posted on Facbook and club web page