Results Show Cross League

The Show cross league was completed with a final on Friday 16th August.

70 cms 1st Rachel McKee on Buster 2nd Daniel Kehoe

80 cms  1st Robert McKee on Ollie 2nd Will Glendinning on Blue

90 cms 1st Joe Haffey on Hillhead Lad 2nd Chloe Crozier on  Lady

1 M 1st Jessica Crozier on Rocky 2nd Sinead Doyle on Ballevalley Bay.

Show Jumper of the Year Results

Warrenpoint had seven riders in the final of the Show Jumper of the Year run by Mossvale Riding Club at Meadows on 4th August. Well done to all who took part. We hope that Olivia McGauley who had a bad fall and broke her collar bone has a quick recovery.

Particular congrats to those who were placed

Louise Doyle 3rd and Kerrie McKenzie 4th Senior Open

Chloe Crozier 3rd Junior Open

Will Glendinning 6th Senior Novice.


Congrats 2 the Warrenpoint A team  4th in the National Balmoral team Championship! 😀 Joe Haffey ,Erin McCulloguh, Kerry Mc’Kenzie and Chloe Crozier. Well done to the other two teams who qualified. Warrenpoint did very well to get three teams to the final. All those schooling and lessons are bearing fruit!! So a big thanks to Sarah Kilpatrick

Newry Show Results

The results of the Show Cross at Newry Show

70 cms 1st Marina Hofe on Dodger, 2nd Rachel McKee on Buster, 3rd Emma McGlade on Scarto

80 cms 1st Katy Rose Mckenna on Meg, 2nd Melissa McKee on Prince of Hearts, 3rd Denise Kelly on Sweet Cully Rose Runner, 4th Holly Gorman on Blue dreams 5th Shannon Kelly on Spike

90 cms 1st Albert Lowry on Oh Dear, 2nd Lousie Doyle on Ballavalley Bay, 3rd Joe Haffey on Hillhead Lad

1m 1st Louise Doyle on Ballavalley Bay, 2nd Joe Haffey on John L 3rd Matin Bolton on Silverlime Flame

Winners Metre Class Newry Show

Show Jumping League Results

The results of the show jumping league are

60 cms 1st Cabhina Collins  on Sasha ,2nd Molly Magee on Minstrel

70 cms 1st Natasha Breen on Coco 2nd Amanda Wardle on Rocky 3rd Cabhina Collins on Sasha

80 cms 1st Thomas McDowell on Sugar & John Downy on Smithy , 2nd Melissa McKee on Buster

90 cms 1st Joe Haffey on Hillhead Lad 2nd Will Glendinning on Blue 3rd Thomas McDowell on Sugar



Congratulations to our Junior and Senior teams at the Meadows 22nd June.

Senior Team Kerrie McKenzie, Erin McCullough, Angela McElroy, Joe Hafey who came 1st

Junior Team katie Slater, Chloe Cozier, Shannon Morgan, Jesscia Crozier who came 2nd

Well done an d thanks to all the helpers and supporters.

Results Showlympics

Results of the Show-lympics Sunday 12th August

1st: Caitie Slater – Little Miss Rock Chick – Japan
2nd: Maeve McCall – Altaturk Attitude – Spain
3rd: Linda McKeown – Holly – USA
Winning 70cm team: Spain – Maeve McCall (Altaturk Attitude), John Downey
(Smithy) and Jessica Crozier (Izzy)

1st: Maeve McCall – Altaturk Attitude -Italy
2nd: Gary McKay – Hillhead Lad – Sweden
3rd: Erinn McCullagh – Mourne Mist – Canada Winning 85cm team: Canada –
Erinn McCullagh (Mourne Mist) and Caitie Slater (Little Miss Rock Chick)

1st: Chloe Crozier – Lady – Spain
2nd: Jessica Crozier – Rocky – France
3rd: Joe Haffey – John L – Japan

Newry Show Results

Results of Show Cross Newry Show

1st: Majella McParland – Magnum
Joint 2nd: Rachel Conn – Fiddlewood Lady
: Carolina Edhart – Livewire
4th: Jack Kelly – Blue

1st: Carolina Edhart – Livewire
Joint 2nd: Ellie Hughes – Star
: John Downey – Smithy
4th: Catherine D’Arcy – Honey

1st: Shorlagh Harper – Suicra Boy
(A number of joint 2nd’s were awarded, confirm names with Mum on friday!)

1st: Angela McIlroy – Sparky
2nd: Fergal King – McArdles Concord
3rd: Shorlagh Harper – Suicra Boy