Warrenpoint and District Riding Club is a club to promote riding skills among all ranges from the early learners to those competing in Shows and registered competitions, The club has members from the young to the not so young, all keen to enjoy their riding and to learn from each other. The Club has grounds at Moygannon on the Warrenpoint to Rostrevor Road.

The club runs regular events and competitions through the summer months show-jumping, showing, cross-country and jump-cross ( mixture of show and cross- country jumps)

The club runs regular training through the year and selects teams to compete in N.I Riding Clubs and other competitions.

We are a very friendly and welcoming Club there to enjoy ourselves our sport and to improve our riding. Come along and join in. To join go to Memebrship page where the application form can be downloaded and there is a link to pay pall for payment.

Jumping league Sundays 10.am start

There will be a league  starting 9th August and continuing  on Sundays to 6th September. 70cms class followed by  85/90cm and 1 metre classes.  3 refusal or fall is an elimination and you leave the arena. We will be using both arenas with both working hunter and show jumping fences If you wish to school and not enter the league let us know. You need to jump three nights to qualify for the final on 6th September. The classes are  subject to the protocols set out below

Only riders and grooms/parents can be on site no spectators as numbers are restricted. Please park with suitable gap between vehicles and observe social distancing.

All entries must be pre-booked last bookings midnight day before event to facilitate planning numbers of participants

To book email or text us with the:

Name of rider

Horse                Height entering

Mobile  number of all adults so if necessary that tracing can be undertaken .

Confirm that all participants are not suffering from any Covid symptoms not have been in contact in the last 14 days  with anyone who has and that you follow the protocols.

All parts to be completed to secure booking

Payment will be by pay pall. See Link Below.

Cost £8 for members per entry £10 non members each i

email glendinning1w@gmail.com or 07710174754

When you enter pay pall make sure you set GBP as currency and not USD and do not mention payment for jumping as pay pall will charge the club if it is for a service

Pay Pall link

You will receive a receipt and funds will be lodged in Club Account

If anyone does not follow the protocols they will be asked to leave and will not be permitted to return to club activities. The Stewards decision is final.

The Club as a British Horse Society affiliated club will be operating under protocols issued by BHS which relate to the NI Executive Statement of 18th May 2020 which permitted

Outdoor spaces and public sport amenities to open if no shared hard surfaces, For example, golf and tennis.This includes equestrian sport



What does this mean for horse riders and carriage drivers in Northern Ireland?

  • You are permitted to travel your horse for exercise or training to a suitable outdoor location. There is no restriction on the distance you are allowed to travel.
  • You can exercise your horse in a group of up to six people with whom you do not share a household, but you must maintain social distancing and all covid hygiene measures.
  • Within your allowance of six people, include your coach if in attendance

Please implement the following when attending a club event

  • Wash your hands with soap and water before you set off.
  • Keep at least 2 metres away from all other people and if possible, try to avoid busy times on popular paths or places. Park with 5 metre space between you and the next vehicle
  • Inform steward of your arrival and which course you wish to jump
  • Stay with your vehicle unless riding
  • When completed your ride wash down your horse box it and leave.
  • Bring you own hand wash
  • There will be no money transactions on site all payments will be a pre-booking made by pay pall.
  • Take extra care to respect the health and safety of land owners. Respect signage. Follow all reasonable requests to avoid sensitive areas.
  •   Wash your gloves between rides.
  • If you are travelling to a destination bring your own mounting block with you so that you do not have to share with others.
  • Wash your hands on return, regardless of whether you’ve worn gloves.  Wash your gloves between each ride off your own property.
  • Please be courteous at all times. ..
  • Each person is responsible for acting in an appropriate manner within the guidelines applicable to where you are living and where you keep or exercise your horse.